Prenatal / Postpartum

Dar a luz Prenatal:

We are committed to promoting healthy families through natural health care. Dar a Luz packages promote natural family living by supporting women during their birthing year. Download The Flourish Wellness Prenatal / Postpartum brochure.

“Dar a Luz” is a Spanish phrase that means “giving to the light” or, traditionally, “to give birth.”

It is our privilege and our honor to provide gentle massage, bodywork, and homeopathy during the year of your birth to help nuture, support, and bring you into balance so that you can have a rich, effective, wonderful, empowered birth and postpartum experience. It is our mission to help you have the type of experience during your birthing year that you can truly say was an experience of Dar a Luz, of “giving to the light.”

The Birthing Year

Your Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Post partum period, also known as The Birthing Year, is a sacred window of time, one of the most special seasons in a woman’s life.

A Mother To Be needs more nurturing and support during this time so that she can enjoy health, balance, and awareness, an empowered birth. Prenatal massage and gentle bodywork can relive body pain and stress, relax, nuture and rejuvenate mothers to be, and help align baby for optimal, efficient labor and birth. It also helps mothers connect deeply with their babies in the womb, and provides an opportunity to discuss their feelings about their upcoming birth.

Monthly prenatal massage is recommended for those whose pregnancy is low risk, and is also a wonderful one time gift for a friend or family member.

Dar a luz Postpartum Services:

Mama and Baby

The importance of Postpartum care, massage, and gentle bodywork is known throughout the world. Mothers who have just given birth are in an incredibly special, potent time in their lives. Depending on their birth experience, they may feel physically and emotionally vulnerable and sensitive. They may feel overwhelmed by the very natural upheaval that having a new baby can create. This time can be very difficult, but it can also be very special, sweet, and memorable. Research has shown that taking time and special care during these next three months (42 days, known as the “fourth trimester”) can have a positive affect on you, your baby, and your family for the next 42 years. The prices are listed as “investments”, because you are actively investing in your future and that of your family by investing in this care for yourself or gifting it to someone you love.

Postpartum Planning:

Women and families sometimes more focus on prenatal care than postpartum, because during pregnancy they can see the baby growing and get caught up in the excitement. They sometimes forget to think about how things will be after birth. After birth is not the time to plan how you want to experience your postpartum time. After birth your brain and body work differently, and there is a whole new dynamic, whether this is your first birth or not. Planning your postpartum period helps women be intentional about how they want their “fourth trimester” to go. Whether they are staying at home or returning to work, there are new considerations around meals, household chores, and family dynamics with a new baby. These planning sessions are to help women think about and plan what they would like their postpartum period to look like, and ensure that they have the support systems they need in place for this special time in their lives.

Investment: $25 per half hour session

Postpartum Massage / Bodywork:

The importance of Postpartum Massage and gentle bodywork is known throughout the world. Mothers who have just given birth are in an incredibly special, potent time in their lives. Depending on their birth experience, they may feel physically and emotionally vulnerable and sensitive. They may feel overwhelmed by the very natural upheaval that having a new baby can create. This is an important time to nurture and support them with gentle massage and bodywork designed specifically for this special time. This can help them rest, relax, have some quiet healing time, and talk about their experience if they choose. Postpartum massage is recommended twice weekly (or as needed) for at least six weeks postpartum, and is also a great one time gift for a friend or family member. This specialized massage is safe for Caesarean births as well as vaginal births. Please inquire about our home visits for postpartum care.

  • New client postpartum masaage: $150
  • In office visit $100 for 1 Hr.
  • In office visit $150 for 1½ Hr.
Home Visits are Available for Specialized Postpartum Sessions.

Postpartum Home Visits:

Postpartum Home Visits

The pregnancy, labor, and birth have happened. You have just had one of the most intimate experiences of your life, and are forever changed by it. Your body is different. Your brain is different. Your family is different. Your whole world is different. Caregivers in some countries come and stay in the home with a postpartum family to provide support. They help with cooking and doing chores, massaging mothers and babies daily, keeping up with the business of life so that the new family can rest, recover, establish a new normal, and simply revel in their new baby and family.

Dar A Luz postpartum home visits are a step in that direction. When providing a postpartum home visit, we come in and quietly set up the massage table in the comfort of your home. We listen to your birth story, if you want to share it. We prepare a quiet place for you and/or your baby to receive nurturing touch. If you need to stop the massage to feed your baby, we do light housework until you are finished. It is caring, nurturing support and massage that is specifically designed for this time of your life. We then encourage you to have someone stay with your baby while you take a nice warm bath or enjoy a nap. In addition, we can provide access to other resources if you need help with breastfeeding, cooking, chores, diaper service, and other needs that come along with having a new baby.

  • First Time Postpartum Home Visit: $250 (includes travel, setup, and 1½ hours of postpartum services)
  • Return Visits: $100 per Hr. plus outcall charge.

Dar a luz Massage and Gentle Bodywork for Baby:

Dar a luz Massage and Gentle Bodywork for Baby

Pregnancy and the Birthing Process can also be a challenging time for babies. Challenges mothers experience during pregnancy and labor often transfer to babies, and birth can be an almost violent experience for some babies. They may have postural distortions, feel sore, or have tense or tight muscles or a distressed nervous system. We offer extremely gentle, nurturing massage and bodywork to unwind and ease baby's postural distress. This allows the baby to relax into a healthy posture and enjoy their new life. In addition, it calms the nervous system for better sleep, improves latch for more easeful breastfeeding, improves digestion, and facilitates bonding between baby and family.

  • Single Baby Session: $20 / 20 min. increment
  • Birth Body Series: (6 Weekly Sessions, Recommended for Postpartum Trauma/Birth Support) Cost varies depending on length of sessions.

Dar a luz Homeopathy:

Dar a luz Homeopathy

Women living in the sacred window of their birthing year are often more vulnerable mentally and emotionally. They may struggle with anxiety or weepiness, or experience an unexplainable range of emotions. They also may be physically uncomfortable, but unable to take medication for fear of harming their child. Homeopathy is a safe, gentle effective solution for women struggling with anything from nausea and vomiting as well as a wide range of emotional complaints. Homeopathy can also provide excellent support for prodromal or protracted labor, as well as many things that come up during the birthing process and postpartum, including postpartum depression/emotions, healing from labor, and issues with milk production. It is safe to take during pregnancy and will not harm your child or interfere with medications you may be taking.

$300 Initial Consult. $85 Follow Ups.