Consent Form

Consent to Homeopathic Care:

I, the undersigned, am consenting to homeopathic care with Elizabeth Moon. I understand that Classical Homeopathy is not in any way a medical approach to treating illness. Rather, I recognize that homeopathy is, in essence, a non-material science applied to healing the vital life force. I acknowledge that my work with Elizabeth is not treating any specific physical, mental, or emotional disease in my body but rather the energetic, nonmaterial disturbances in my vital force.

I acknowledge that the purpose of our work together is to realign me with my true nature by removing the root causes of the imbalances and disharmonies in my being through the application of homeopathy. These are in fact spiritual or energetic in nature, so there is no guarantee of curing any specific physical, emotional, or mental disease in my body.

I understand that I may elect to continue working with traditional medical doctors of my choice for the purpose of diagnosing and treating conventional diseases.

I understand that:

Homeopathy has no direct action on the material body, emotions, or mind, but rather works by impacting the spirit of life or what is called the “vital force”.

The use of homeopathy affects or changes my spiritual being, not my physical body, mind or emotions.

As a result of these effects or changes, my organism is freer to heal itself, and thus signs and symptoms of conventionally named diseases may improve or disappear altogether. I may thus experience a higher level of health and a greater sense of personal well being.

Working with homeopathy is a process that takes time and patience.

Progress can happen quickly, and is often gradual. It is a process that may take up to several years to reverse the damage suffered by my life force over my lifetime.

There can be no prediction of how much time will be required for me to achieve the full benefits of homeopathy.

I am aware that regular follow up visits are essential to this approach and are usually scheduled every 4-6 weeks over a period of one to several years. Elizabeth has discussed with me the personal and economic commitment such a process entails, which commitment I am prepared and able to make. I understand that my participation is entirely voluntary and that I may stop the process at any time.

Should I require the goods or services of conventional medical care at any time, I recognize that I am free to pursue such avenues during my work with Elizabeth. From the start and throughout the course of our working together, Elizabeth recommends maintaining relationships with medical caregivers of my choice, such as primary care practitioners or medical specialists. Elizabeth may provide, to the best of her knowledge, information about my condition, so that I may make a rational informed choice concerning my treatment options. I understand that it is not Elizabeth’s purpose to provide conventional medical services.

I have completely read the above and have understood it to my satisfaction. By signing below, I acknowledge that I am knowingly and voluntarily giving my consent to have Elizabeth Moon serve as my homeopathic consultant and educator.