Our mission at Flourish Wellness:

Is to provide the finest in Classical Homeopathy and Integrative Bodywork to relieve stress, facilitate balance, and promote healing and positive lifestyle choices so that clients, their families, and their communities can Flourish. By caring for themselves, clients enjoy healthier, more enriched lives. This self care also improves their relationships with their families and colleagues, which helps create a better community.

Homeopathy for allergies:

During allergy seasons, common symptoms associated with allergies include red, irritated, tearing eyes, runny nose, congestion, general malaise, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Over the counter allopathic medicines only mask these symptoms. They do not do anything to heal them or address the cause, which means that symptoms can return and even get worse.

Homeopathy can offer you a safe, gentle, rapid cure for your symptoms. Homeopathy works on the principle of "like cures like". For example, if you have the symptoms listed above, we might give a homeopathic remedy made from red onion, called alium cepa. Red onion can produce allergy symptoms in a healthy person, and so by the principle of "like cures like" can cure a person who is suffering from allergy symptoms.

At Flourish Wellness Homeopathy we assist in allergy relief by taking all of the symptoms that are bothering you: physical, mental, and emotional. This is called a totality of symptoms, and helps us have all the information necessary to take a complete case and treat you holistically. All of this with more complete care and at a fraction of the cost of allopathic medicine. Then you can feel better on all levels and Flourish in your life.

Flourishing Families:

Each member of a family is an essential part of an intricately woven social support system. Our first, formative experiences occur within our family. At Flourish Wellness we work with both parents and children to help create more functional, healthy, harmonious families. This helps with personal well being as well as improved school, work, and community life. At Flourish Wellness we help build healthier communities, one family at a time.